Tapah is a small town in the Perak district of Batang Padang, Malaysia. This town was named after a fresh water fish called the “Ikan Tapah” or its scientific name Wallago attu. The locals on the other hand, claims that the name is derived from a local Perak Malay dialect which means "never mind".
Latar Belakang Tapah

The town of Tapah is located beside the federal road between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. The junction on the left leads to Pekan (Tapah Road) and proceeding further down this road will take you to Teluk Intan town. The river which flows at the end it is Batang Padang River. Tapah is also accessible from the North South Expressway. The Rest & Recuperate Area in Tapah is located near Tapah town and the Tapah toll plaza serves as an exit to Tapah town. Those who take a left turn from here can go to Cameron Highlands through the winding road (Route 59), the Kuala Woh waterfall and Lata Kinjang waterfall.