Client Charter To carry out domestic garbage collection once every 2 days and garbage collection in town/city every day. To carry out grass cutting in public parks once a month. To approve the following application: Simultaneous application for planning permission, land matters, engineering plans and building plans within 11 days for areas with LP and 139 days for areas without LP. Planning permission within 57 days for areas with LP and 108 days for areas without LP. Building plan within 69 days for area with LP and 69 days for area without LP. Certificate of Fitness (CFO) within 14 days. (Provided the application received is complete) To approve premise license within 7 days for un-risky businesses and 30 days for risky businesses. To issue assessment tax bill to taxpayers not later than 15 January and 15 July every year. To pay all claims within 14 days after receiving complete documents. To give feedbacks on all public complaints within 15 working days to complainant.