Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Tax Assessment?
Assessment tax or assessment is a form of tax imposed on scheduled holdings such as residential, industrial assets, vacant land, agricultural land located within the area of the Tapah District Council.

2.Method of Payment? 
Assessment tax is paid twice a year:

  • First ½ year - 1 January till February.
  • Second ½ year - 1 July till 30 August.

3.Did not receive any assessment tax? 
Go personally to the MDT office, Finance division to obtain the bills and bring along previous bills for reference or lot number/house number/property status.

4.How to perform transfer of ownership? 
Inform MDT by completing form 1, within 3 months after the transfer of ownership is completed. Failure to do so, MDT will take action under section 160 (6), Act 171.

5.Tax release? 
You can obtain tax release if your house/building is vacant (no occupied) subject to you giving written notice to MDT about the vacancy. Do also inform MDT if the building has been demolished, relocated to another site, destroyed by fire, wind, strong winds or other reasons.